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There are five monks who, currently in residence at the Wat Buddhalavarn Incorporated at Wedderburn,  have been serving  Lao/Thai/ others nationality Buddhists Community in Sydney. They are the Officer Bearers  and in charge of Wat Buddhalavarn affairs and take a great care of the site.


  Venerable Khamphaeng Saenpraseut - The Newly Elected Abbot/President of Wat Buddhalavarn Incorporated. He has been ordained almost 40 years. He has been continously serving and teaching Dhamma to Lao/Thai/others nationaliity Buddists Community all his life. He has been served Wat Buddhalavarn since 1987.
  Venerable Khamphai Sengdy - Deputy Abbot/Monastery Secretary/Dhamma Teaching. He has been serving the Buddhists Community in Sydney since 2009.
  Venerable Khambo Xayaseum - Monastery Member/Dhamma Teaching - has been serving the Sydney Buddhists community since 2009. He has been ordained almost 20 years.
  Venerable Sihoun Kongkeo - Treasurer/Dhamma Teaching He has been continously serving the Sydney Buddhists Community since 2009. He has been ordained over 15 years.
  Venerable Khamsaen Chanthanome - Monsatery Member/Dhamma Teaching. He have been ordained for over 10 years and serving the Sydney Buddhists Communiy since 2009.


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